Your Best Holiday Investment!

Nature can be nice here in the Triangle NC.  But more often than not, it can be naughty, especially when it comes to your home or business!  Throughout the year, the varied weather here and around Raleigh weather can do all sorts of damage to your building leaving it increasingly vulnerable to the elements.  Without some regular attention, a small problem can quickly become a very large one in the hands of Mother Nature.  Don’t take seasonal maintenance lightly. Your investment deserves the utmost respect!  The professionals at H2O Wash will take every precaution while cleaning your building.  We will not only clean up the mess the seasons have created, but also find any possible at-risk or problem areas that may need some attention. Don’t let your pride and joy be spoiled by the seasons!  Call H2O Wash today for these simple services to preserve your investment:

  • Roof and Gutter:  Your roof and gutter system can be put at risk by mold or algae growth that form over the summer and fall seasons.  This growth can cause shingles to come loose, leaving the barrier between your home (or office!) and the elements weakened and vulnerable to future damage.  Growth in your gutters can cause build-up in downspouts, which can lead to cracks or breaks which means repairs and replacements!  Avoid this unnecessary nuisance by having the professionals clean up without causing any further damage!
  • Decks and Fences:  Weathering can turn your beautiful hardwood decks and fences into greenish-brown eyesores surrounding your house or business.  H2O Wash can bring the color back to these in no time, and find any weak points in the process!  If a section of your fence or deck needs replacing, you’ll know about it before it’s too late!
  • Siding and Garage Doors:  Whether the outside of your home is vinyl, brick or shingle, nature can make it dirty.  And we can clean it up!  Mold and algae on your building can be very unattractive.  Let us take care of it quickly and easily, and your building or residence will look as good as new!
  • Driveways and Outdoor Fixtures:  Stains on your driveway don’t stand a chance with a pressure washer around!  We’ll clean it up and find any cracks that may need filling in the process.  Outdoor spigots/faucets and heating/cooling units can get dirty fast.  We can clean them up easily and leave your business or home looking good again!

These simple services can make all the difference in the appearance and stability of your home or business, and help you avoid much more expensive repairs in the process.  And all services are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We’ll match the price of any competitor and give you the most reliable service you can find!  Call us today!

We wish you and your friends and family the Best of Holiday Seasons!


If you liked this blog post about pressure washing and want to know more, contact H2O Wash in Wendell, NC (info below!) for quality service and dependability! This informative article about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team located here in the Triangle NC.

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