Looking Clean and Green with H2O Wash!

Being clean and green is the mantra of many homes and businesses!  Your business or home may be in need of a deep clean and you want to do it right from every perspective including the environment.  If you’re considering giving your building a makeover, don’t forget to consider the doing it with the earth in mind. Many methods of cleaning require chemicals, either diluted by or removed with water.  The runoff from these chemicals can seep into the soil near your home or business and cause harm to the local ecosystem.  Some chemicals cannot be naturally filtered, and can cause damage to foliage or even animals in the areas where they are deposited.

When using chemicals to clean, we exercise extreme caution to not allow any runoff.  One easy way to avoid any possible harm to the environment is by cleaning with pressure washing!  The beauty of pressure washing is that the degree and angle of pressure does all the work, so water can be used alone without any harsh cleaning agents to achieve the removal of dirt and grime that buildings, parking areas, and fences might require!  And the best team in the Triangle area is undoubtedly H2O Wash.  With quick, reliable service and a friendly staff, H2O Wash will go above and beyond your expectations when bringing your business or home back to life!  Here are just a small number of the many services we offer here in the Triangle NC:

  • Building Facades/Siding Cleaning: Let us brighten up the face of your home or business!  We can remove water spots or algae/dirt/grime easily, and with nothing but water!  Don’t compromise the integrity of your building’s outer shell, let us clean it chemical-free and restore that shine without harming the environment (or your siding!).
  • Decks/Patios/Porches: We can make that wood (or any other material) look brand new in a snap!  And no oily, sudsy overflow on the ground!
  • Sidewalks/Parking Lots/Driveways:  Discolored concrete and sidewalks give a poor first impression to both customers and guests.  We’ll remove stains and slicks with no trouble at all using only water!

Cleaning up can get messy, but it doesn’t have to be!  Let us clean your business or home thoroughly and chemical-free.  It’s a smart choice for the environment, and your wallet!  We’ll match any competitor’s price and give you the most quality service available!


If you liked this blog post about pressure washing and want to know more, contact H2O Wash in Wendell, NC (info below!) for quality service and dependability! This informative article about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team located right here in the Triangle NC.

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