H2O Wash Cleans Up in the Triangle!

Throughout the summer, many factors in this beautiful region in North Carolina can cause homes, businesses and offices to become dirty and unkempt.  Daily heavy rains can make buildings look old and reduce the attractiveness to friends, family, customers and clients.  Heavy foot traffic can wear out sidewalks and patios, and automotive emissions can create buildup on walls and siding.  If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time for a deep clean!

The most efficient, and least harmful, way to remove dirt and grime from any surface is pressure washing.  Here in the Triangle area of NC, H2O Wash is without a doubt the leading pressure washing company for all cleaning needs.

Here is a list of eight essential services H2O Wash can perform for a home or business:

  • Restore the look of concrete and brick walls, bulkheads, sidewalks and stairways.
  • Remove dirt and grime from building facades and siding of all materials.
  • Remove oil and other stains from driveways and parking areas.
  • Clean and remove debris from gutter systems, to restore flow and prevent damage.
  • Renew the look of roof shingles by removing mold and algae growth.
  • Restore the brightness of wood fences, patios, decks and railings.
  • Cleanse metal gates and doors of oxidation and dirt buildup.
  • Thoroughly clean heavy machinery easily and effectively.

For any jobs that involves removal of deep seated dirt and grim, the most efficient method is undoubtedly pressure washing.  H2O Wash is the most trustworthy and professional team around to handle any pressure washing job.  Commercial or residential, we have the experience to understand how to properly clean all materials without causing further damage.

If you have a building that needs to be cleaned, you can count on H2O Wash to do it right!  Call today for a free estimate on any job.  You will be happy you used us, GUARANTEED!


If you liked this blog post about pressure washing and want to know more, contact H2O Wash in Wendell, NC (info below!) for quality service and dependability! This informative article about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team located here in the Triangle NC.

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