H2O Wash Cleans the Triangle NC!

It is starting to warm up here in the Triangle, and the team at H2O Wash wants to be sure that this part of North Carolina is looking good for the upcoming Spring season!  Large areas like parking lots, building facades and roofs can be a challenge to clean on your own.  It can take hours to find the right equipment and cleaning supplies to do it yourself!   And even when you get everything together, you may still not have the time to get it done right.

This is why it makes good business sense to let the H2O Wash team of professionals step in and take care of your exterior appearance. We’ve got everything we need to tackle any job, whether it’s the roof of your home, the parking garage at your business, or even heavy machinery!  That’s right, pressure washing is the new “car wash” for large equipment!  We have all the tools, the knowledge AND the manpower to get your job done in a fraction of the time it would take you to finish the job.

Here are three key benefits of power washing over conventional cleaning:

  • It’s Green!   We use water, under pressure, to clean most everything from algae to grease stains to unwanted paint off of any surface.  This means no additional chemicals or toxins to degrade your washed items, and no environmental damage done by our services!
  • It’s Fast!  We will have your home, office or building cleaned in just a fraction of the time it could take with conventional washing methods.  Your heavy machinery and large outdoor appliances can be sparkling in no time, too!
  • It’s Effective!  We’ve been doing this for a long time in the Raleigh area. We know the proper procedures to get you the best clean, quickly.  We know the right pressure to use for any surface, so as not to cause any damage with high pressure, or waste any time with low pressure!  And we believe in water conservation!  If we get the job done right the first time, which we always do, we won’t have to do it over!  And you won’t never be left with anything but clean.

Because of high humidity levels here in the central region of NC, dirt and grime has a tendency to seep even deeper into surfaces as the weather warms up.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, call the pros at H2O Wash today and we’ll bring the shine back to your belongings!


For more information on Pressure Washing, see our blog or contact us today with any questions!

This blog post about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team in Wendell NC.

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