Exterior Cleaning and Holiday Decorating Go Hand-in-Hand

Thanksgiving Day is almost here!  Soon it will be the Holidays and you will be hanging wreaths on the front door and decorating the house with everything from snowmen, candy canes and Santas to light-up snowflakes and big piney Christmas trees!  And not only will your house be wearing the holiday decorum — it will also be filled with family and friends, and the savory smells of holiday cooking.  This is a time of year many homeowners look forward to.  It’s a time to show your home off looking its best, and be proud of what you’ve worked so hard for all year.  But don’t forget, your home has worked hard all year as well, braving through harsh spring weather and summer humidity.  It might need a little sprucing up before it can be dressed to impress.  Here are a few ways H2O Wash can get your household looking top-notch for the holidays:

  • Deck/Porch Cleaning:  When entertaining company, the deck (or porch) is a very common gathering place.  After long springs and humid summers, your deck can be looking tired and old.  With a simple pressure washing, H2O Wash can have your deck looking fresh and new, and practically sparkling for the holidays.  But don’t delay! This is a great time of year for appearance. Your deck will need a few days to dry out after washing, so call H2O today and get it done!
  • Entrance Cleaning:  Your entrance way will be the first thing that welcomes guests to your home.  Make sure it looks as inviting as possible.  Bricks can dull the look of your entrance, whether on the steps or the frame around the door.  Pressure washing is the quickest and most efficient way to take care of this and brighten up that first impression for your guests.
  • Roof Cleaning:  If you haven’t done this yet, it’s not too late!  Many homeowners will make the roof a focal point of their holiday decorating.  If you plan on having a Santa display on the roof, or even just lining it with lights, you’ll want it looking its very best. In the summer and post-summer months, algae and mold can grow on many types of roof surfaces.  H2O Wash will remove this growth safely, leaving your roof looking clean and new.

If you’ve got company coming for the holidays and want your home looking its very best, or if you just think it could use a tune-up, call H2O Wash today and get the holiday make-over your home wants and needs to invite and impress the way it should.


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