Cleaning Up for Summer in the Triangle!

It’s just about time to start firing up the grill and rolling up the pool cover for the warm season ahead of us here in the Triangle and the Capital City. The weather here in this part of North Carolina is beautiful throughout the spring and summer months, and we all look forward to spending much more time outside.  But first thing’s first!  We’ve got to clean up the cool weather clutter that the fall and winter have left behind!  Some of this is easy to handle on our own, but some of it is hard enough to clean that the call to H2O Wash may be the best thing to do as we head into May and the long summer season.

It just makes sense to call  H2O Wash, the Triangle’s most trustworthy and competent professional pressure washing team!  We will take care of your home or business as if it was our very own. H2O will give your property the TLC it needs to prepare for all the action this warm weather will provide.  From backyard cookouts and pool parties to get-togethers  and sidewalk sales, H2O Wash can get your home or business looking its best for those wonderfully warm months.

There are certain clean up jobs that pressure washing can handle in just a fraction of the time compared to conventional cleaning methods.

Here are five examples of jobs that pressure washing can handle in a hurry:

  • Cleaning the dirt and grime off siding:  This could take days with a scrubber and hose.  Let us spray down your building and have it looking good as new in no time!
  • Bringing the light back to your sidewalk or stoop:  We can wash away oil or hard water stains, shoe scuffs and even chewing gum quickly, and with no chemicals!  With our expertise, you can rest assured we won’t damage the material while doing it!
  • Making your deck or patio look brand new:  If you’re going to have guests over this season, make sure your deck is looking presentable!  Our pressure washers clean off mildew and grease with ease.
  • Clearing out those gutters: This may not be as much of a cosmetic issue, but it is crucial for the maintenance of your building.  Buildup from fall and summer months can cause clogs in your gutters, which can lead to serious damage in the gutter system.  Don’t put this off, this one is necessary!
  • Getting the dirt off your awnings:  Whether at home or in front of a business, awnings will start coming out a lot more as the weather warms up!  Don’t let a dirty awning be off putting to your guests or clients, let us brighten it up so it can properly accentuate your building.

We can take care of any building: home, office building, hospital, church, hotel, and restaurant.   You name it, we will clean it!!  Don’t waste time, contact us today and start getting your building in good shape for the summer!


If you liked this blog post about pressure washing and want to know more, contact H2O Wash in Wendell, NC (info below!) for quality service and dependability! This informative article about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team located here in the Triangle NC.

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