5 Areas that Will Improve Your Medical Facility

The field of medicine is one that is constantly growing and evolving.  With medicine finding new ways to solve nearly any problem, patients are coming and going each and every day.  As everyone knows, when you are experiencing an illness or infection, you want to be able to view your medical center as a place for help and support.

A hospital or medical center should be an environment of both sterility and safety. Creating this experience and inspiring trust in your patients and visitors begins with first impressions. If your building doesn’t sparkle, potential patients are going to begin their experience with the subliminal message of doubt in the environment.  Getting a regular professional exterior cleaning can eliminate this problem quickly and efficiently. Pressure washing technology today has cut the cleaning time for large commercial buildings like medical centers, and H2O Wash is both affordable and effective.  Here are five areas pressure washing can affect that improve the appearance of your medical center:

  • Parking Areas:  A greasy parking lot can be very misrepresentative of your practices, especially for patients who need wheelchair accommodation.  Oil/grease slicks can be removed easily with a pressure washing.
  • Sidewalks:  Plenty of foot traffic can wear out a sidewalk, leaving it looking dirty.  Pressure washing can cut through the deep layers of dirt, and even remove old, hardened gum that has been smashed into the cement by foot traffic.
  • Building Facades:  The look of your building speaks volumes for your levels of expectation when it comes to cleanliness.  Water or rust stains, dirt and mold are easily removed with a pressure washing.  Whether your exterior is made of brick, vinyl, large stone, ceramic tiles, or even large glass windows, these can all be brought back to like new appearance.
  • Ventilation Hoods:  These can accumulate dirt and mold very quickly, and can look very bad on the exterior of your building.  Pressure washing will do in minutes what hand-scrubbing would need an hours or more to complete.
  • Gutter Systems:  The gutter is the outline of your building.  A dirty gutter is like a dirty frame around your medical center.  Keep these clean and free of mold and rust, and make sure your building appears as clean as possible.

There are several variables that the effective, affordable services of pressure washing can do to spruce up a medical center or hospital.   And your pressure washing provider should be as trustworthy as your staff.  Ronnie Wilkins, owner of Wendell’s H2O Wash, has been providing reliable service to the Raleigh Metro area and the Triangle, NC for over ten years.  When you decide it’s time to give your medical center a thorough cleaning, give Ronnie a call at (919) 669-7173, where you can expect quality service at an affordable price.


This blog post about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team in Wendell NC.

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