3 Ways to the Cleanest Roof in the Neighborhood

If you live in a house with a shingled roof, you may often find yourself looking up as you pull in the driveway after a long day’s work and wondering “where did all those dark streaks come from? “ This problem is very common here in the Triangle because of our high humidity, especially in areas on a roof that face in a northerly direction or get a lot of time in the shade.  It is called roof algae and it affects the  looks and the integrity of your roof.  This highly common problem is also one of the most dangerous and time-consuming to deal with on your own.  This is where H2O Wash can step in!

It may be hard to find time in your busy schedule to climb up on that roof and start scrubbing or brushing away that ugly algae growing between your shingles (asphalt, wood shingles or shakes – any kind of roof can be effected).  And even if you do find the time, it can be extremely dangerous to get up on a slick and damp roof to take a shot at this task all by yourself.

You may have heard stories about pressure washers destroying shingles during the cleaning: removing the granule, cracking several, or even removing them. With H2O Wash’s low pressure process you can be assured the highest quality service and reliability, and here’s why:

  • Growth-Killing Solution:  Some pressure washer services may not use a solution to kill the algae before beginning to spray.  What only the professionals know is that killing the growth before spraying allows for a much gentler pressure to be used, eliminating the possibility of damage being done to your roof.  H2O Wash uses a solution that will be safe for any roof material, while taking care of that pesky growth for good.
  • Low Pressure:  After the solution has been applied to your roof and left to do its job for a few minutes, the H2O Wash team will come in and gently wash the growth away.  After killing off the roots, the pressure washer can be set to a very low P.S.I. and easily peel away the dead growth.  Other pressure washers that don’t use a growth-killing solution may try to use a much higher P.S.I. setting to clean the roof, resulting in shingle destruction.
  • Proper Procedures:  It may be tempting to just use your garden hose and spray your roof from the yard.  This is not the easiest or the best way to handle algae removal.  The professionals know to never spray against the grain of the roof.  Spraying water under your shingles can loosen them, resulting in a weakened barrier, or even remove them.  The pros at H2O Wash know to go from the top, and work their way down.  This is the safest procedure for your roof, but much more dangerous for you.  That’s why this is a job for H2O Wash.

Trust the best power washing team in the Triangle to make your roof like brand new again. Adding value and appearance with no worries is what we do.


This blog post about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team in Wendell NC.

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