Four Pressure Wash Services You Didn’t Even Know You Needed!

h2o 7Many people now know that professional  pressure washing is the quickest, most effective and most green way to handle small to large scale cleaning operations.  Anything from a home, office building, business, church, hospital or even parking deck is quickly and easily handled by professional power washing team.  Even heavy machinery and outdoor appliances, large trucks, small trucks, cars, boats, RV’s, airplanes and nearly anything else with a hard or semi-hard surface can benefit from the use of a pressure washer. It is good to know that H2O Wash is the most trustworthy and professional team to handle any of these services, guaranteed!  We serve the entire Triangle with the best menu of cleaning services. The versatility and effectiveness of a pressure washer is no secret.  But there are a few things a pressure washer can do for a home or business that many people don’t consider. Here are four items most people wouldn’t think a pressure washer could do for a home or business:
  • Paint stripping or wall priming for coating or re-coating.  Many people don’t think of power washing as an effective way to prep or prime a wall for painting or repainting.  Power washing will evenly prime any exterior surface for painting or covering without causing any damage.  This service is ideal for recoating or refreshing the look of your building.  If you need your home, business or office building painted, inside or out, contact our sister company Unlimited Paint and Wallpaper for quality work at an affordable price!
  • Gutter cleaning.  Here in the Triangle we have a lot of pine trees!  The needles from these trees fall into the gutters of homes and businesses and cause blockage.  This blockage, over time, can create much more substantial damage and cost an owner a lot of dough!  H2O Wash knows how to take care of gutter systems and save money!
  • Roof maintenance. We have all seen the huge stains. The dampness and humidity of spring and summer here in the Triangle can cause algae and moss to grow on roofs, between shingles and along gutters.  This growth can cause damage to a building and can be detrimental to both the building’s integrity and the building owner’s wallet!  Don’t let a little growth cost a lot of green!  Let H2O Wash handle the removal of this nuisance without causing any damage.
  • Deck renewal.  Some people may think that wood is too soft to be power washed.  But this is not so for the team at H2O Wash!  Dialing back the pressure of a washing gun can allow softer things to be cleaned and primed.  Your deck can look brand new again, and a fresh coat of sealant will keep it that way for months to come!
Any large scale cleaning operation is a job for H2O Wash!  Call us today for an appraisal of any job, and get that building, vehicle or machinery looking new again! ** If you liked this blog post about pressure washing and want to know more, contact H2O Wash in Wendell, NC (info below!) for quality service and dependability! This informative article about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team located here in the Triangle NC. Photo Credit: H2O Wash H20 Wash 259 Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell, NC 27591 (919) 669-7173  

Exterior Cleaning and Holiday Decorating Go Hand-in-Hand

Thanksgiving Day is almost here!  Soon it will be the Holidays and you will be hanging wreaths on the front door and decorating the house with everything from snowmen, candy canes and Santas to light-up snowflakes and big piney Christmas trees!  And not only will your house be wearing the holiday decorum -- it will also be filled with family and friends, and the savory smells of holiday cooking.  This is a time of year many homeowners look forward to.  It’s a time to show your home off looking its best, and be proud of what you’ve worked so hard for all year.  But don’t forget, your home has worked hard all year as well, braving through harsh spring weather and summer humidity.  It might need a little sprucing up before it can be dressed to impress.  Here are a few ways H2O Wash can get your household looking top-notch for the holidays:  
  • Deck/Porch Cleaning:  When entertaining company, the deck (or porch) is a very common gathering place.  After long springs and humid summers, your deck can be looking tired and old.  With a simple pressure washing, H2O Wash can have your deck looking fresh and new, and practically sparkling for the holidays.  But don’t delay! This is a great time of year for appearance. Your deck will need a few days to dry out after washing, so call H2O today and get it done!
  • Entrance Cleaning:  Your entrance way will be the first thing that welcomes guests to your home.  Make sure it looks as inviting as possible.  Bricks can dull the look of your entrance, whether on the steps or the frame around the door.  Pressure washing is the quickest and most efficient way to take care of this and brighten up that first impression for your guests.
  • Roof Cleaning:  If you haven’t done this yet, it’s not too late!  Many homeowners will make the roof a focal point of their holiday decorating.  If you plan on having a Santa display on the roof, or even just lining it with lights, you’ll want it looking its very best. In the summer and post-summer months, algae and mold can grow on many types of roof surfaces.  H2O Wash will remove this growth safely, leaving your roof looking clean and new.
  If you’ve got company coming for the holidays and want your home looking its very best, or if you just think it could use a tune-up, call H2O Wash today and get the holiday make-over your home wants and needs to invite and impress the way it should. ** Photo Credit: If you liked this post about residential power washing, brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash Team in Wendell NC, visit below for further information! Photo Credit: h20 Wash H20 Wash 259 Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell, NC 27591 (919) 669-7173  

5 Areas that Will Improve Your Medical Facility

The field of medicine is one that is constantly growing and evolving.  With medicine finding new ways to solve nearly any problem, patients are coming and going each and every day.  As everyone knows, when you are experiencing an illness or infection, you want to be able to view your medical center as a place for help and support. A hospital or medical center should be an environment of both sterility and safety. Creating this experience and inspiring trust in your patients and visitors begins with first impressions. If your building doesn’t sparkle, potential patients are going to begin their experience with the subliminal message of doubt in the environment.  Getting a regular professional exterior cleaning can eliminate this problem quickly and efficiently. Pressure washing technology today has cut the cleaning time for large commercial buildings like medical centers, and H2O Wash is both affordable and effective.  Here are five areas pressure washing can affect that improve the appearance of your medical center:
  • Parking Areas:  A greasy parking lot can be very misrepresentative of your practices, especially for patients who need wheelchair accommodation.  Oil/grease slicks can be removed easily with a pressure washing.
  • Sidewalks:  Plenty of foot traffic can wear out a sidewalk, leaving it looking dirty.  Pressure washing can cut through the deep layers of dirt, and even remove old, hardened gum that has been smashed into the cement by foot traffic.
  • Building Facades:  The look of your building speaks volumes for your levels of expectation when it comes to cleanliness.  Water or rust stains, dirt and mold are easily removed with a pressure washing.  Whether your exterior is made of brick, vinyl, large stone, ceramic tiles, or even large glass windows, these can all be brought back to like new appearance.
  • Ventilation Hoods:  These can accumulate dirt and mold very quickly, and can look very bad on the exterior of your building.  Pressure washing will do in minutes what hand-scrubbing would need an hours or more to complete.
  • Gutter Systems:  The gutter is the outline of your building.  A dirty gutter is like a dirty frame around your medical center.  Keep these clean and free of mold and rust, and make sure your building appears as clean as possible.
There are several variables that the effective, affordable services of pressure washing can do to spruce up a medical center or hospital.   And your pressure washing provider should be as trustworthy as your staff.  Ronnie Wilkins, owner of Wendell’s H2O Wash, has been providing reliable service to the Raleigh Metro area and the Triangle, NC for over ten years.  When you decide it’s time to give your medical center a thorough cleaning, give Ronnie a call at (919) 669-7173, where you can expect quality service at an affordable price. ** This blog post about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team in Wendell NC. Photo Credit: h20 Wash H20 Wash 259 Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell, NC 27591 (919) 669-7173