The Best Power Washing in the Triangle

905443_356597384442450_656512974_oThere are days when we cannot settle for anything but the best. It is that time of year. Maximum pollen production here in the Triangle is finally in its last stages. The southern pine trees have flowered and now all the other plants are budding beautifully as well. Soon the sun will be shining every day, and spending time outdoors will become a regular occurrence here in Central Carolina. Many of us are relieved that those allergy symptoms will finally calm down a little, and we can get back to enjoying the outdoors comfortably and for longer stretches. But whether or not we have allergies, we are still more than likely facing another problem: pollen dust is still around and on all of the offices and homes here in the Raleigh area. You need the best power washing team in the Triangle: H2O Wash! Pollen particles cling to everything from windows and siding to decks, fences, cars and even outdoor light fixtures and appliances!  That thin yellow coating on every surface of your home or office can make it look dull and unkempt.  Cleaning it off each surface would require many different methods and a lot of valuable time!  It could be days, even weeks before all the pollen is out of your life and off your roof and siding!  Unless you make the right choice and call H2O Wash, the Triangle’s professional clean-up crew to take care of business! H2O Wash is the most professional and experienced pressure washing team in the local area. Whether your home is in Wendell, Apex, or anywhere in between, it is great to know that we can handle any surface, from windows to wood, without doing any damage.  We’ll make sure your home or office is sparkling clean and looking like new!  H2O Wash is your yellow eliminator! H2O Wash can properly and quickly clean these materials:
  • Wood - Any wooden surface can be quickly brought back to life.  From surface clean to deep clean, your fences, patios, front doors, window frames and everything in between can be taken care of and be brought back to normal again.
  • Vinyl - Washing siding is a snap with a power washer! 
  • Concrete/Brick - Any building surface can be washed easily and efficiently.
  • Metal/Steel - Cars, trucks, heavy machinery, outdoor fixtures or appliances; we can do it all!
  • Glass - By dialing down the pressure, we can wash windows with ease.
  • Canvas - Even your awning can be pollen free!
If you want to rid your life of all the pollen, don’t hesitate to call H2O Wash today!  We’ll be over to get you cleaned up in no time! Just give us a call; we are your pollen eliminators! ** If you liked this blog post about pressure washing the pollen away and want to know more, contact H2O Wash in Wendell, NC (info below!) for quality service and dependability! This informative article about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team located here in the Triangle NC. Photo Credit: h20 Wash H20 Wash 259 Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell, NC 27591 (919) 669-7173

H2O Wash: A New Year List of Services!

It is the start of a new year, and the perfect time to give the exterior of your home or office the make-over it so desperately deserves!  As the seasons change, many different types of weather and weather-created damage can diminish the look of your home or office building and business.  Acid rains can leave heavy streak marks down the face of your building.  Moisture combined with summer heat can create moss or algae on your roof, separating your shingles and leaving the barrier between you, your family, and the elements weakened.  It can also cause a moldy look on your deck, porch, patio concrete or outside of your building, whether it be shingles, brick or vinyl siding.  Water freezing in the winter and melting in the spring, creates expansion and can do extensive damage to your roof or siding, and even your driveway! Give your building a make-over from the pro team at H2O Wash for the new year, and you can count on not only quality service and “good-as-new” results, but also astute attention to detail!  While cleaning, the H2O team will be in close contact with your building and the surrounding area, and will be able to inspect and spot any weather-created damage to warn you about. Problem prevention is a key aspect of what we do as we renew and clean. Here is a list of services H2O can provide for both residential and commercial buildings: Residential
  • House Wash
  • Deck Restoration
  • Gutter Cleaning*
  • Driveway Spray
  • Roofs
  • Fences
  • Sidewalks
  • Many more!
  • Commercial Exterior Wash
  • Gutter Cleaning*
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Roofs
  • Fences
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots
  • Many more!
*This can save you from blockage, which can cause much more extensive damage! As you can see, H2O Wash can give your home or office and business the total makeover it deserves!  With a variety of services and reliable customer service, H2O Wash is the most professional and friendly pressure washing company in the Triangle.  And with a 100% money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong by choosing us.  We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your service, and we’ll match the price of any other pressure washing service (then do it better!). Call us today at 919-669-7173 or look for the blue H2O Wash truck!  See you soon! ** If you liked this blog post about pressure washing and want to know more, contact H2O Wash in Wendell, NC (info below!) for quality service and dependability! This informative article about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team located here in the Triangle NC. Photo Credit: h20 Wash H20 Wash 259 Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell, NC 27591 (919) 669-7173 Photo: H2O Wash  

Exterior Cleaning and Holiday Decorating Go Hand-in-Hand

Thanksgiving Day is almost here!  Soon it will be the Holidays and you will be hanging wreaths on the front door and decorating the house with everything from snowmen, candy canes and Santas to light-up snowflakes and big piney Christmas trees!  And not only will your house be wearing the holiday decorum -- it will also be filled with family and friends, and the savory smells of holiday cooking.  This is a time of year many homeowners look forward to.  It’s a time to show your home off looking its best, and be proud of what you’ve worked so hard for all year.  But don’t forget, your home has worked hard all year as well, braving through harsh spring weather and summer humidity.  It might need a little sprucing up before it can be dressed to impress.  Here are a few ways H2O Wash can get your household looking top-notch for the holidays:  
  • Deck/Porch Cleaning:  When entertaining company, the deck (or porch) is a very common gathering place.  After long springs and humid summers, your deck can be looking tired and old.  With a simple pressure washing, H2O Wash can have your deck looking fresh and new, and practically sparkling for the holidays.  But don’t delay! This is a great time of year for appearance. Your deck will need a few days to dry out after washing, so call H2O today and get it done!
  • Entrance Cleaning:  Your entrance way will be the first thing that welcomes guests to your home.  Make sure it looks as inviting as possible.  Bricks can dull the look of your entrance, whether on the steps or the frame around the door.  Pressure washing is the quickest and most efficient way to take care of this and brighten up that first impression for your guests.
  • Roof Cleaning:  If you haven’t done this yet, it’s not too late!  Many homeowners will make the roof a focal point of their holiday decorating.  If you plan on having a Santa display on the roof, or even just lining it with lights, you’ll want it looking its very best. In the summer and post-summer months, algae and mold can grow on many types of roof surfaces.  H2O Wash will remove this growth safely, leaving your roof looking clean and new.
  If you’ve got company coming for the holidays and want your home looking its very best, or if you just think it could use a tune-up, call H2O Wash today and get the holiday make-over your home wants and needs to invite and impress the way it should. ** Photo Credit: If you liked this post about residential power washing, brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash Team in Wendell NC, visit below for further information! Photo Credit: h20 Wash H20 Wash 259 Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell, NC 27591 (919) 669-7173  

3 Ways to the Cleanest Roof in the Neighborhood

If you live in a house with a shingled roof, you may often find yourself looking up as you pull in the driveway after a long day’s work and wondering “where did all those dark streaks come from? “ This problem is very common here in the Triangle because of our high humidity, especially in areas on a roof that face in a northerly direction or get a lot of time in the shade.  It is called roof algae and it affects the  looks and the integrity of your roof.  This highly common problem is also one of the most dangerous and time-consuming to deal with on your own.  This is where H2O Wash can step in! It may be hard to find time in your busy schedule to climb up on that roof and start scrubbing or brushing away that ugly algae growing between your shingles (asphalt, wood shingles or shakes - any kind of roof can be effected).  And even if you do find the time, it can be extremely dangerous to get up on a slick and damp roof to take a shot at this task all by yourself. You may have heard stories about pressure washers destroying shingles during the cleaning: removing the granule, cracking several, or even removing them. With H2O Wash’s low pressure process you can be assured the highest quality service and reliability, and here’s why:
  • Growth-Killing Solution:  Some pressure washer services may not use a solution to kill the algae before beginning to spray.  What only the professionals know is that killing the growth before spraying allows for a much gentler pressure to be used, eliminating the possibility of damage being done to your roof.  H2O Wash uses a solution that will be safe for any roof material, while taking care of that pesky growth for good.
  • Low Pressure:  After the solution has been applied to your roof and left to do its job for a few minutes, the H2O Wash team will come in and gently wash the growth away.  After killing off the roots, the pressure washer can be set to a very low P.S.I. and easily peel away the dead growth.  Other pressure washers that don’t use a growth-killing solution may try to use a much higher P.S.I. setting to clean the roof, resulting in shingle destruction.
  • Proper Procedures:  It may be tempting to just use your garden hose and spray your roof from the yard.  This is not the easiest or the best way to handle algae removal.  The professionals know to never spray against the grain of the roof.  Spraying water under your shingles can loosen them, resulting in a weakened barrier, or even remove them.  The pros at H2O Wash know to go from the top, and work their way down.  This is the safest procedure for your roof, but much more dangerous for you.  That’s why this is a job for H2O Wash.
Trust the best power washing team in the Triangle to make your roof like brand new again. Adding value and appearance with no worries is what we do. ** This blog post about commercial and residential power washing is brought to you by Ronnie Wilkins and the H2O Wash team in Wendell NC. Photo Credit: h20 Wash H20 Wash 259 Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell, NC 27591 (919) 669-7173 Photo Credit: IMU Social Media